ULTRA Series
Strong, solid, stylish. Special patented leg system delivers high performance in a compact configuration.

spacer600x10.gifIt is well known that weak leg joints are the cause of unsteadiness in tripods.
The outstanding feature of the Ultra Series tripods is extremely strong joints because each leg section extends the entire inside length of the outer leg casing.
Thanks to a design that incorporates tube legs which engage slightly off center, Velbon innovated a mechanism that enables each leg to be locked with a simple quick twist. Protruding parts are eliminated from the tripod, and the legs are far more compact when closed.
Compact and extending to a good working height while retaining excellent strength make the Ultra Series instruments approach the ideal tripod configuration.
Legs are thick and sturdy. Both ball-type and 3-way pan-and-tilt heads can be mounted on these tripods.
Perfect as either a secondary or travel tripod, just one Ultra tripod can be a priceless treasure when your photograph is critical.


Stylish and high performance. Tripod of the digital age.

ultra_feat01.jpgULTRA series contains a lot of patented devices for example, unique 4-way Pan-head,
Leg construction, and Leg shape etc. which enable to make ULTRA series extremely compact ideal tripod for traveling. Legs stopper devices are located inside the leg pipes.
No competition in this segments if we compare the ratio of extended length between Full low position and maximum height.
Japanese technology is apt to make everything compact such as car industry as well as camera industry. Velbon put this story in this ULTRA tripods afterwards.

A splendid extension comes from super low level 9.6cm (3.74in) on the ground up to extremely taller 153cm(60.2in) height in one compact tripod folded at 36cm(14.2in).
Patented idea with advanced technology are put into these leg functions, no comparison gear in a category of the best travel partner tripod.
The length of extended height are almost the same between ULTRA REXi L(A) and Sherpa +630R however, folded length is far different each other, 360cm and 560cm.

ultra_feat03.jpgTripod connecting screw for ULTRA REXi L(A) is interchangeable between 1/4 and 3/8 inch while the screw for ULTRA VOXi L(A) is fixed as 1/4 inch only.

trunnion.jpgTrunnion Shaft legs:
The legs of most tripods are joined to the head via bolts through the top of each leg, however the Ultra MAXi incorporates non-piercing bolts: (i.e. each leg extends the entire inside length of the outer leg casing), making the tripod extremely compact when folded, yet when extended the tripod measures a full 155 cm. This unique system is called the Trunnion Shaft System (TSS). Suitable for most compact digital cameras and camcorders.

ULTRA Series Lineup



01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
mini  Q
47.2/18.58 39.7/15.63 13.5/5.31 19.0/7.48 0.61/1.120 21/0.83 (5) 1.5/3.31 2.0/4.41 QB-42
ULTRA 355 152.0/59.84 127.2/50.08 17.7/6.97 39.0/15.35 1.12/2.47 21/0.83 (5) 1.5/3.31 2/4.41 QB-62
ULTRA 455 162/63.78 137.5/51.13 21/8.27 42.5/16.73 1.44/3.17 24/0.94 (5) 2.0/4.41 2.5/5.51 QB-42 DIN
ULTRA 555(A) 155.8/61.34 131.2/51.65 13.2/5.2 37/14.57 1.30/2.88 27/1.06 (5) 2.5/5.51 3.5/7.72 -
ULTRA 655(A) 153.6/60.47 128.8/50.71
1.48/3.26 30/1.18 (5) 3.0/6.61 4.0/8.83 -
P-MAX  -/-
131/51.6  37/14.57 35/13.8 0.8/1.76  21/0.87 (5) 1.5/3.31

Explanation of Pictgrams

Heads & Quick release plate

Attached Head and Quick release plate

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Height: 93.5mm/3.68inch
Weight: 450g/0.99lbs
UNC 1/4 & 3/8 tripod socket
Height: 75.0mm/2.95inch
Weight: 293g/0.65lbs
UNC 1/4 tripod socket
Height: 74.0mm/2.91inch
Weight: 147g/0.32lbs
UNC 1/4 tripod socket
Height: 99.5mm/3.90inch
Weight: 300g/0.66lbs
UNC 1/4 & 3/8 tripod socket
Height: 113mm/4.45inch
Weight: 349g/0.77lbs
UNC 1/4 & 3/8 tripod socket