PRO GEO Series
The absolute pro spec with new V-Lock locking system.

PRO GEO series features new V-Lock system leg locking devices. Stress-free, smooth actions for rotating pipe to release or lock the tripod leg extension. Newly designed grip and smaller locking nut enable compact folded length.



PRO GEO Series features

New Geared Crank system
Geared elevator helps you to up and down even heavy equipment on the tripod. Backlash of the geared elevator is prevented by our technical design in the gear box.

EXP-GEO02.pngIf the leg angle adjuster is inadv- ertently spread, push the cancel button to reset.

The screw has double threads. UNC 1/4 and 3/8 on the opposite ends.

Each leg opens independently to fit any ground condition.

EXP-GEO02.pngOptional spike feet
Spike feet are optional.Not included in the package.


PRO GEO Series

V840BW.jpg V630.jpg V630 High.jpg V640.jpg


PRO GEO Series

01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
V840BW  166.0/65.35 64/25.19 33.3/13.1 68/26.77 5.1/11.27 36/1.42(4) 10/22.05 12/26.46
V630  171/67.3 128.7/50.7 12.7/5.0 56.0/22.5 1.6/3.52 28/1.10(3)  4/8.80 6/13.23
V640  150.5/59.3 118.2/46.5 10.5/4.13 43.5/17.1 1.55/3.42 28/1.1 (4) 4/8.80 6/13.23

Explanation of Pictgrams

Recommended Head

Recommended Head

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QHD-73Q PHD-65D FHD-81
Attched Head)