super_mag_pl.jpgsuperMagPl2.jpgSuper Mag Plate
Twin camera plate for stereo photography. Each screw is adjustable for camera location.
L: 360(14.2) x W: 63(2.5) x H. 25(0.98)mm(inch)
Weight: 440g/0.97lbs
1/4 & 3/8 tripod socket

Super Mag Plate II
L: 440(17.3) x W: 58(2.3) x H. 27(1.06)mm(inch)
Weight: 712g/1.57lbs
1/4 & 3/8 tripod socket

SuperMagSlider.jpgSuperMagSlider2.jpgSuper Mag Slider
For Macro photography, fine adjusting frame forward and back, left and rught. Upper unit for forward and back can be detached to nse separateiy.

L: 210(8.27) x W: 120(4.72) x H: 70(2.76)mm(inch)
Maximum adjustment: Forward/back: 60mm/2.36inch
Left/right: 30mm/1.18inch
Weight: 470g/1.04lbs
1/4 inch tripod socket

uc-6.jpgUC-6-2.jpgUC-6 (umbrella & clamp)
Useful in the rain holding Umbrella by clamp at the center column of tripod and let your hands free to take pictures.
Useful under sunshine to save shadow or top light by the black Umbrella. Umbrella has white color inside to be used in the studio with a flash gun like Reflector or bouncer. Shoe connectors are located at the grip of the clamp. Pushing the central part and rotate to adjust for ideal angle of the Umbrella. Clamping units are adjustable to fit different diameters of center column.

Clamp size
L: 230(9.05) x W: 100(3.93) x H: 98(3.86)mm(inch)
Weight: 200g/0.44lbs
•Umbrella size
Diameter: 900mm/35.4inch
Depth: 200mm/7.87inch
Shaft diameter: 10mm/0.39inch
Length of the Shaft: 530mm/20.9inch
Weight: 190g/0.42lbs

HideClamp.jpgHC-2528B.jpgHIDE ClampⅡ
With the center column from the tripod elevator, use as independent unit for multi purpose of locking at the branch, table, chair or bar for clamping instantly.
4 kinds of sleeve are contained to fit any size of the center column of the tripods.
●Dark gray 21/22mm
●Light gray 23/24mm
●white 25/26mm
●Black 27/28mm
JAN/EAN 4907990 410047
UPC 017915 884830
Clamp Kit/Includes a center column as independent unit with the Hide Clamp.
JAN/EAN 4907990 273248
UPC 017915 884823

DL-11.jpgAngle Changer D
Table top multi Angle Changer from Vertical to standardand for Macro and face up of your camera. Stability and compatibility of the base to fit on the tripod head like an adapter unit.

L: 145(5.77) x W: 80(3.15) x Folded
H: 55(2.17)mm(inch)Maxi H: 140mm
(5.51inch) Weight: 472g/1.04lbs
Quick Release Plate is DIN standard
(QB-62) UNC 1/4 inch screw

SPT-1.jpgSPT-1B.jpg SPT-1(PAT.) (Lens supporter)
L: 245(9.65) x W: 70(2.76) x Height of center column 98(3.86)mm(inch)
Weight: 340g/0.75lbs
Adaptable for FHD-71QN, 61QN, 51QN, 41QN
UNC 1/4 & 3/8 tripod socket

SPT-2 (Lens supporter)
L: 365(14.37) x W: 70(2.76) x Height of center column 182(7.17)mm(inch)
Weight: 500g/1.10lbs
Adaptable for FHD-71QN, 61QN,
51QN UNC 1/4 & 3/8 tripod socket

SnowShoe.jpg Camera Brackets / BR-Q, BR-D, BR-M
3 type of camera bracket
Normally when turning the camera to a vertical position on a tripod, all the settings including focus and framing need to be adjusted, however if you attach one of the new Velbon brackets to your camera body this allows you to maintain the center of focus and the centre of gravity of camera when changing from landscape to horizontal format.

Compatible with Velbon QRA-635L
L: 108(4.25) x W: 46(1.81) xH: 89.5(3.52)mm
(inch) Weight: 125g/0.28lbs
UNC 1/4 inch screw

Compatible with the DIN standard quick release socket
L: 107(4.21) x W: 42(1.65) xH: 72(2.83)mm
(inch) Weight: 99g/0.22lbs
UNC 1/4 inch screw

BR-M (Mini D-type)
Compatible with Velbon MINI-D Type
L: 97(3.82) x W: 32(1.26) xH: 54(2.13)mm
(inch) Weight: 62g/0.14lbs
UNC 1/4 inch screw

DL-11.jpgBinocular Holder
The binoculars which are being used, in a pan head of a tripod or monopod. A holder with a base fixed easily by a magic belt.
L: 120(4.72)×W: 50(1.97)×H: 48(1.89)
mm(inch) Weight: 53g/0.12lbs
Suggested Loading Weight: 400g
(0.88lbs) Suitable for the Dach type
Binocular, even small size. with the diameter of the lensless than 25mm.

Leg_Pochette.jpgLeg_Pochette2.jpgLeg Pochette
4 Sizes of Leg Pochette. Attached by an adapter ring between tripod head and base.
#700 C: 39cm/15.4inch Depth: 18cm/7.09inch
#600 C: 39cm/15.4inch Depth: 18cm/7.09inch
#500 C: 36cm/14.2inch Depth: 14cm/5.51inch
#400 C: 36cm/14.2inch Depth: 14cm/5.51inch


360°CAMERA INDEXER & LEVEL for Seamless Panoramic Images

Must for Panorama solution

Easy to use

Fits any tripod or camera
Compact and lightweight
Use with any photo stitching software (*Software is not included.)

1.Mount the Panamatic™ on the tripod.
2.Attach the camera to the Indexing Wheel.
3.Level the tripod by setting the bubble to centre.
4.Take one picture and turn the Indexing Wheel until it clicks to the next position.
5.Take one picture after each click.

High Precision Leveler

High Precision Leveler

Highprecison.pngMore precise level is necessary for movie and panorama shots.
Use between head and tripod to adjust on uneven terrain precisely.
H: 41.6(1.63)mm(inch)
Weight: 270g/0.6lbs
(inch) UNC 1/4 inch screw

More precise level is necessary for movie and panorama shots. Use between head and tripod to adjust on uneven terrain.
H: 46.8(1.84)mm(inch)
Weight: 260g/0.57lbs
Diameter of the Pedestal: 55(2.17) mm(inch) UNC 1/4 inch screw



PHD-64Q QB-54Q PHD-41Q
L: 855(33.66) x Max. C: 800(31.5)mm(inch)

L: 995(39.2) x Max. C: 800(31.5)mm(inch)

360(14.2)xW: 105(4.13)xD:70(2.75)mm(inch)
590(23.2)xW: 110(4.33)xD :75(2.95)mm(inch)
600(23.6)xW: 120(4.72)xD :80(3.15)mm(inch)
#700L: 680(26.8)xW:125(4.92)xD:90(3.54)mm(inch)

L: 740(29.1) x Max. C: 720(28.3)mm(inch)